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Yesterday we took a break.

Yesterday we took a  break.  We visited a nearby state park and then stopped by the local playground.  By the time we arrived at the playground my youngest son had fallen asleep in the car seat.  My oldest son was afforded some much needed alone time with mom and dad.


Top of the slide


Thomas and Thomas


Bottom of the slide

The last few weeks have been intense. We are living off-grid on our new property.  It has been very cloudy and rainy, so solar power has been low.  I think it has been a blessing from God.  We have spent more time reading books with the kids and playing in the yard.  Our dog has benefited from longer sessions of fetch.


Bringing back Mr. Quackers

I have also spent more time cooking and baking.  It makes the children very happy when I make a special meal for them.  When we got home yesterday I realized there were only two hotdogs left.  Not enough to feed a whole family!  So I created biscuits with instant potato flakes to cut down on gluten, sliced up the dogs, topped the biscuits and baked them.  Served with sweet peas and apple sauce.  Even my husband asked for seconds and thirds!


Mashed potato biscuits and hot dogs.

I really like baking with instant potato flakes.  I have made cakes, breads, and pancakes with the spuds.  The end product has been lighter and more moist than the full gluten versions.  It was a nice way to end an awesome day out with my family.  What have you done to take a break lately?


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