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When Breastfeeding IS All About Me

I have shared an article from momaste before. Her articles on motherhood have been an inspiration.

Tonight she published an article about the ending of a special connection.

The time when a child starts to wean.

Check out her article by clicking the link below:

When Breastfeeding IS All About Me.



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Why We Don’t Keep Secrets In Our House {Child Abuse Prevention}

This is an important reminder. We have very open communication with our children about proper conduct and our bodies. Please take time to read the post and talk with the children in your life.


Why We Don’t Keep Secrets In Our House {Child Abuse Prevention}.

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What Are My Actionable Steps?

Incredible Sunset In Mexico 2013

A blogger friend of mine, Zachary of Quick Me Ups, recently posted an article that really spoke to me. It was called Dream Big then Make it Happen.  He spoke about a common problem that I had been contemplating for some time.  The problem of living life without following your dreams.  As I have been following my dreams in the entrepreneurial world, I would insert creative passion.

“Today’s message is to allow yourself to Dream, and then to take actionable steps to achieve this dream.” -Zachary Reid

This resonated with me. It is so easy as a working mom to get caught up in the daily grind. Take for example, I love to cook. It is my main creative outlet these days. But I have been so busy starting an online business to support our income needs that I have not cooked for at least a week. Now don”t worry! I am eating great meals. My husband is an awesome chef. The kids and I are not lacking in that area. But I do notice a difference in my outlook when I am not being creative on a daily basis.

Another area I would like to be more creative is with physical, artistic endeavors. I miss sewing, painting, more serious photography, sculpture, and making music. Before becoming a Business Manager, Wife, and Mother I spent most of my free time doing these things. I do not regret who I am now or the things that take my time. I love spending my after work time with my children. I also love that my work time for The MNV Journey involves taking my children into parks and wildlife refuges! It is amazing and I get to spend lots of time with the boys. I wouldn’t change that!

Thomas Elihu Taking Actionable Steps

Thomas Elihu Taking Actionable Steps

But I have made a decision to get more creative in 2015. What are my actionable steps? I have committed to carving out time for me. Just a few minutes here and there, hopefully daily.That is why I am excited to sign up for a FREE Creativity E-Course. It is taking me through four easy steps to become more creative in 2015. I just got the first e-mail and it had some thought provoking questions. I am looking forward to the next lesson. If you”re interested in getting this FREE course, then click this affiliate link.

It is a free course, but I will receive credit as the person who sent you to the course. If you decide to buy any products I will get a small kickback. Enough to keep me in tea for my late night blogging. Hey,that is one area where I have stayed creative! I do still write and ghostwrite some really neat articles. I love to write and my blogs are a fun way to be creative. You can check out my other blog here. I am also starting a sister blog to this one. It will be up soon and I will share the link then.

Oh yeah, if you are already a creative type and like to buy DIY books, there is an Ultimate-Bundle of DIY e-books coming out in a few days.  It will be on sale for three days only! I really want to get this bundle because of seven specific titles that I will share in another post.  But the bundle has over 69 books and some really cool bonus gifts, like a free class from Craftsy!  Check out the affiliate link below for more information.

<a href=””><img src=”×443.jpg&#8221; /></a>

So what creative endeavor do you want to pursue?

Comment Below.

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Father’s Day

I have been absent…again!  I will not make excuses this time even though I could.  I have had ups and downs and everything in between over the last few months.  However, I want to focus on the ups.  So my return blog will be on Father’s Day.

Did you know that Christian Scriptures actually say you are not to call anyone on this earth Father?

Ouch.  Yes, you read that sentence right.

Look at this:

Matthew 23:9 (KJV)
9  And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

sweet roses

sweet roses

Yet, Christians all over the world celebrate Father’s Day by honoring their earthly father.  So how do we reconcile this earthly holiday with scripture?  This is what my family did for Father’s Day this year; we spent the whole day in prayer, thanking our Heavenly Father for all HIS blessings in our lives.  This is just one small step in honoring God over man.

What are we thankful for?  Here is our top three items of thanksgiving right now.

1. We have been saved, both from a spiritual death and an earthly death.

2. We have our health.

3. We have a future.

So what are you thankful for?  I’d love to hear your comments!





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The best gift is service to others.


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 39 years young. Most days I do not feel much older than 29.
Yesterday I felt every year of my age. My youngest son, Satish, has been sick for three days with a cold. Not much sleep to be had with a toddler not breathing well at night. I don’t mind though. Great love to be found in the moments with a child.

Most years I do not like my birthday. I have never had much reason to celebrate. Typically the people closest to me do not even remember my birthday. The exception would be my aunt. She always remembers and always sings to me. Even if we do not talk on the phone she will e-mail me the birthday song. I cried when I got the e-mail today. It touches my heart.

I decided to focus on my special day differently this year so as not to get bogged down with depression. It needed to be a day of service to others. I spent the day with my husband and children cleaning the house. We are living in a very small space right now and everything seems to get cluttered quickly. So cleaning was the order of the day. We prepared for a special lady of 74 to join us for dinner. Her birthday is on the 16th.

When I took a break from cleaning, my oldest son, Thomas, decided that I needed to have a necklace of beads. There was no discussion about it. He said. “These are for you mommy,” as he thrust them over my head. I had been talking with his daddy at the time. My first instinct was that I didn’t need the beads. They would get in the way while cleaning. But the Holy Spirit prompted me to wear them anyways. My son thought I needed them so I probably did. They had come in a box of toys that had been given to the boys over the weekend. Thomas loved the beads and I knew it meant a lot to him for his mommy to wear them. That thought was confirmed later when he said to me, “You love me mommy because you’re wearing my beads?” In that moment my heart seemed to burst with the fullness of love. Oh dear heart, I love you. God loved us first and has taught us how to love.

I wore the beads all day. They are the most precious gift a mother could be given. They were offered from the heart of my son. I even wore them as I made dinner. I had decided to make Indian food. My friend loves Indian food as do I, so it was an easy decision to make. I made Butter Chicken Masala, Matar Pulao (Rice with Peas), and chapatis (flat bread). For desert I made brownies from scratch. I had found a recipe for brownies called Better than the Box. I don’t remember what website I found them on, but my husband loves them! Yes, they are better than box brownies.

I had a fabulous time. We ate and talked the night away. The boys fell asleep while we chatted. My husband really loved that my friend could talk about anything and she loved to listen. She brought a peace into our home as real friendship does. My son, Thomas, fell asleep while she rubbed his hand. There was a sweet surrender to her gentleness of spirit. There was also a sweet surrender inside myself. As I made the day about others I was blessed. My prayer for this year is that I may remember to make every day about service to others.

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The Blue-tiful Sandwich


For this post I planned to write about my weekend. I wanted to share about all the wonderful women I met this weekend and the changes within myself that took place. But my oldest son, Thomas, began to bless me as I wrote.

He said, “I like it when you work mommy. I like it you work so hard to give us food. I like how you make food for us mommy.”

This is a small miracle. My son can be very polite. But he has been asking for things by saying “I want…” It has been a battle to break that cycle with him. So when he made these simple praises, my heart opened. I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“Are you hungry? What would you like to eat Baba?” I asked.

For those who don’t know, Baba means father or daddy in Hindi. My first visit to India was during my second trimester with Thomas. We traveled to India on a health related-mission and started businesses there. It was natural to use Baba as a nickname for our first son.

In Spanish the definition of Baba is saliva or drool. You can imagine all the looks and comments we receive living in Mexico. The nick name is a neat conversation starter.
But I digress.

“What would you like to eat Baba?”

“A samhich.” he answered.

I know that samhich is spelled sandwich. To understand the full cuteness of the moment the word is samhich, as my son of almost four years pronounces it.

“A samhich.”

“What kind of sandwich?” I asked.

“A blue one.”

“A blue one?” I asked.

“Yes, a blue one.”

“Okay. What do you want on your blue sandwich? How about peanut butter?”

“And raisins.”

“We don’t have any more raisins. How about honey-butter?”

So the blue peanut butter and honey-butter sandwich is born.

I had food coloring in the cupboard. It was bought two weeks ago to make play dough for the kids. As I went to get the food coloring, my husband was already at the stove warming the Texas toast to be used. I am blessed with a husband who holds degrees in mathematics and physics. He is an engineer in all meanings of the word. Whether it be one of our green energy projects, ministry, or domestic engineering a blue samhich; he is awesome.

Wikipedia defines an engineer; “An engineer is a professional practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics, and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems.”

As soon as I dipped the bread in the blue food coloring, he toasted it so the sandwich would not be soggy. Would I have fixed the soggy bread? Considering I had not thought past having the food coloring, I would say the answer is no. My husband, also named Thomas, had the solution before I had even realized there was a problem.

The blue sandwich turned out blue-tifully. My son was pleased and even astonished that we did make him a blue sandwich. When he saw that I was coloring the bread, he exclaimed “red and orange too!” My husband responded the other colors would be for next time. Today he could enjoy the blue sandwich. Hope you enjoy it too!



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Touched Out

Snapshot_20131006_6I think about my children all the time.  I spend most of my days making sure they have everything they need, are validated in positive ways, and grow up with the least amount of scarring possible.  This is extremely important to me considering the fair amount of scarring I sustained as a child.  However, there are days when I cannot handle being near myself let alone my children.  Today was one such day.  I woke up with a migraine and was not able to function.

I am finally feeling better so I turned on the computer to catch up on my blog.  That is when I found this post from momasteblog.

Thank you dear one.  It helps to know there are other mothers out there who have similar feelings at times.

Touched Out.


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