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Looking Back Over the Last Year.

October 7, 2014

1 Year Anniversary October 7, 2014

Recently I found the trophy section on WordPress.  Turns out I have been blogging for a little over a year now.  This fact sent me into a spiral of contemplating the last year, my children’s quality of life, and my childhood. It also meant beginning to get in contact with those whom I have lost contact.  Some of you may be reading this now.  Some of you may have gotten personal messages from me on FB or in e-mail.  Perhaps an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. All of you matter to me.

What I have realized since beginning this journey into the past is that I would not change a moment.  Yes, there has been heartache.  Yes, there have been trials.  My life has taken turns and directions I never would have thought possible.

Most importantly, there has been love.

The love of a God who is greater than I.  A God who is forgiving when I recognize my faults and am willing to change.

Thomas and Satish October 2014

Thomas and Satish
October 2014

The love of a husband who is Christ-like.  A man I prayed for.  A man who far exceeds what I thought I needed.

Satish and Thomas Elihu greet me after being gone for an hour!

Satish and Thomas Elihu greet me after being gone for an hour!

The love of two beautiful boys.  They are so like their father; intelligent beyond comprehension, compassionate, and  full of life.





The love of my beloved pets.

The love of my family and friends.

The love of those I am privileged to minister to and with.

Thank you for being a part of my journey the last year.  I hope you continue to walk along side me.

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