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Honey Dripping Down Sweetness From Above

Spent some time looking at my past posts tonight.  I especially liked the post titled Cell Phone Cameras.

The picture of the bee on cacti in that post reminded me of my recent bee photograph.

These images together inspired the following Haiku poem.

Honeybee on dandilion

My Divine Nectar

Honey dripping down,

Sweetness from the Lord above,

My Divine Nectar.

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Cell Phone Cameras

Like most people today, I have had my share of cell phones. When I purchase a new one, which isn’t that often, I check out the camera first.  Over the past decade I have purchased three phones.  They were/are:

  1. LG Chocolate (2005)
  2. Blackberry Curve (2011)
  3. iPhone 4s 32 GB (2012)

I thought I had lost the LG and was pretty sad as it had a fairly good camera.  I was incredibly happy when it was relocated a few weeks ago.  It had approximately 4 GB of photos stored on it that I was very happy to have returned.  The photo quality tends to be pretty good on that cell phone.  It was a first edition of the LG Chocolate….that’s right, it was not a touch!

Here are some photos from that phone:




The Blackberry Curve was purchased as a backup phone while traveling internationally.  I was never really impressed with the camera.  I was especially disappointed with the camera considering the price of the phone.  It was a brand new edition at the time so I paid a premium price.

Those photos are really not worth showing.

However, the iPhone 4s has surpassed my expectations in cell phone cameras!  I actually like it better than my Nikon for taking photos in any type of lighting.  It also has a new upgrade that allows it to take panoramic photos.  It is unbelievable!

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from this camera:



These are just two of thousands of examples I have.  Really.  I take dozens of photos everyday.  If I don’t have the iPhone, my husband does.  We believe in capturing the moment for ourselves and for our children.

My question for you dear reader is: What is your favorite cell phone camera?

Feel free to post your favorite cell phone pictures in response.  Please label what phone you are using.

Thank you and happy picture taking!

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