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Choosing a theme for the New Year’s focus.

Over the years I have stopped making resolutions for the New Year. Making a decision that is typically idealistic and unstructured tends to fail. These failures only serve to undermine one’s sense of self-esteem. So I stopped doing this ritual.

Recently, I read articles about people picking one word to describe how they wish to be in the New Year. The word describes an attribute, how one wishes to be seen, or a characteristic they wish to develop. This makes a lot of sense to me. Instead of making lists of things I may never complete, I now have one word to focus on for the year. I have chosen the word flexible for 2015.

This probably seems a strange pick for someone like me. I spent all of New Year’s Day making schedules. I created a new daily schedule for the family. Work time slots, home school time slots, daily activities, etc. Then I created the January 2015 meal plan complete with shopping lists. After that I planned the outline calendar for January’s home school curriculum. Then I choose all the videos for home school for Jan 2nd and made a playlist on YouTube.

Yet my word is flexible. Paradox? Not really. These schedules are a way to check in with myself and my family. It helps to make sure we are getting our needs met. Remembering to be flexible means that although the schedule is written down things do happen. I have to be prepared to change at any moment.

So how did the first day of my schedule work out?  My youngest son wanted his nap an hour earlier than scheduled. While I was nursing him to sleep my husband started cooking. Yeah! 

An Early Nap

Only he made zucchini stacked enchiladas when home-made pizza was the planned meal! I started to get upset about the timing and the changed menu. Then I spoke my word out loud: flexible!  My husband helped out in the kitchen. His meal smells awesome and I didn’t have to cook. This allowed me to keep working while the boys took a nap. Flexible. It can be nice. Unscheduled surprises can help me in the long run if I am open to them and keep positive.

Zucchini Stuffed Enchilladas

Zucchini Stuffed Enchiladas

As the week progressed there were many unscheduled surprises. Editing a colleague’s letter and calls from a client in Europe took over my scheduled planning and free time. Instead of feeling overwhelmed I spoke the word flexible many times. A sense of relief and peace greeted me. Because I have a schedule I am able to adjust to the occasional surprises while still working towards completing goals.

Do you have a theme word for the New Year? What about a new or revised schedule? Please share your comments below!

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